The Ultimate Hang & Bang

by Wow Made Simple

$ 6,499.00


Looking for the ultimate Home Theater experience that maximizes your Cable or FiOS subscription and also incorporates the best of today͛s streaming media options? Replace that ordinary A/V setup with something extraordinary! It begins with a new Sony 4K HDTV, SONOS PLAYBAR and the new TiVo Bolt. The benefits truly kick butt! Endless apps like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime & YouTube coupled with the countless streaming services integrated with your new AppleTV and SONOS apps (click here to see the list). Enjoy easy one-touch skipping of entire commercial breaks. Watch all your recordings on your mobile devices. Cast a show midstream from your mobile device to your new Sony big screen at the press of a button. Say goodbye to multiple remotes with your new Control4 remote. Get rid of that unsightly stack of gear by incorporating all of this new hotness inside the wall behind your display! This package truly unifies all of your entertainment into one simplified state-of-the-art Home Theater system!

This package includes the following products and services:

  • Sony 55” Ultra 4K HDTV 
  • Leon Mount & Grill for SONOS PLAYBAR 
  • AppleTV 
  • Control4 Universal Remote Control 
  • TiVo Bolt 
  • SnapAV Articulating TV wall-mount & component storage system with power management 
  • WOW! Made Simple project management & professional installation 

Upon receipt of your order, you will be assigned a dedicated Client Care Coordinator who will be your point of contact throughout the entire installation process. Expect to be contacted by your CCC within 24 hours to schedule your pre-installation site visit and answer ANY questions you have.

What's included with this service?
  • Pre-Installation site-visit by your Client Care Coordinator to confirm your wall location is qualified for this installation and to answer any questions before scheduling your installation. 
  • Installation of swivel wall bracket 
  • Securing the TV and load testing the hardwaremkk 
  • Wall-mount installation of the Soundbar 
  • Floor installation of the Subwoofer below TV 
  • Connecting TV to new source components & streaming media subscriptions
  • Cord concealment inside wall and behind TV within hidden wall box 
  • Add power behind TV 
  • Service is for drywall only 

What's not included with this service?
  • Drywall patching and painting - In many cases it won't be necessary to patch and paint and we will do our best not to disrupt your existing walls and finishes. However, from time-to-time, in order to locate your new system exactly where you want it requires some relocating of power and low-voltage cabling. We can recommend and even coordinate a drywall finisher and painter to come behind us to allow for a seamless installation. Your CCC will be able to assist you with this extra service, if necessary. 
  • Installation & programming of additional source components - This installation includes all the source components you will need for most of today's most popular TV and Music services. Additional items can be added - please contact us (link) for an estimate.
  • TV & Internet Service Provider CableCard or Wireless router. 

Where will I see cords when the service is completed?
No cords will be visible. This package includes concealing all cabling inside your wall and behind your display.

Do I have the right kind of walls for this service?
Homes with walls made of drywall are covered in this service. For other wall types, you can submit your request via our custom installation support team ( For example, use the custom service if you want your TV mounted on brick (such as on a fireplace), concrete or steel (in an industrial loft), or if you have an older home with plaster and lath walls. For those wall types, the work will be more complex and often requires a specialist to do it properly.

What do I need to do before my appointment?
You need to have an active service provider account from either Comcast Xfinity, Verizon FiOS or Cox. You will also need high-speed internet and a strong WiFi signal. Lastly we require a hot CATV jack and power outlet at the installation location. Your project manager will need to confirm you have these products and services before we arrive.

Where should I locate my new TV?
The installer can help you determine the best location, based on the location of the CATV jack & power outlet, the location of wall studs (to support the weight of your TV), and where you plan to sit or lie down so that the height of the TV will be comfortable for your neck.

How long will my installation take?
WOW Products & Packages Typically this installation takes a full workday.

Don't see what you need? Create a custom request. You'll get estimates returned in one business day.
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